Another shitty thing by meh.
New design of Placebo.

Haha, just look at that </3 Terrible light, terrible camera and terrible drawing by me ofc. I’m so sorry that i hurt your eyes ;_;

First portrait from… maybe 5 days? But i know, that’s a piece of shit C:
So, that’s it. Maybe i sumbit a better version tomorrow? I dunno. 

Doodle of a random character o; I hope, i finish this today XD

So, i didn’t add any sketches, cuz i forgot about this tumblr o,o” And i had school etc.

Propably tomorrow…

…i’ll sumbit a little sketch dump or few sketches separately. What would you like to see? Which option do you think is better?

The quality of the photo is terrible, i know… But i hope you like it.
It’s my… first post on this Tumblr. I have now 2 blogs. Both of them are on Tumblr <’D
Well, it’s a new design of my childish and impatient character- Stephen aka “Steve”. Yep, he has “curly” hair now |D

I hope, i add something tomorrow…